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We have been breeding and training dogs for over 30 years and have imported numerous German Shepherds into Australia. We have sourced dogs from around the globe to utilise the most suitable and healthiest dogs into our breeding program. We have imported bloodlines from Germany, USA, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Sth Africa and Belgium.

Our dogs genetics can be seen in many of todays Government service dogs and other breeders that are utilising our bloodlines.  We have supplied dogs to Police, Corrections, Military, Security and Sport.

Our dogs are bred to suit all aspects ranging from pets and general family guardians to Police service work.

Our breeding program focuses on strong East German (DDR) lines, original Czech lines from the Czech Border Patrol dogs going back to the Pohranicni Straze Kennel and selective West German lines.

Our selective and meticulous breeding program has made us who we are. 

              To Deter,

                        Detect or


                              Steve Krmpotic

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